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Who is Richy?


Richy was born of german/english extraction. As a boy he was already interested in painting and drawing. At the age of 14 he already knew that he would become a tattooer. He started to tattoo his friends and relatives during his commercial artist apprenticeship.

Meine Awards

At the age of 23 he opened his first tattoo studio in Butzbach/Germany. After some years of experience he visited his first tattoo convention where he immediately won the first prize. In the following years he usually visited two or three conventions each year and never went home without an award. Today the interested customer can admire more than 6o awards in his tattoo studio.
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In spring 1999 he emigrated to Great Britain to experience new mentalities. In Loe/Cornwall he opened his own tattoo studio where he worked for the following years.


Since 2001 you'll find Richy's tattoo studio back in Friedberg/Germany. In the ancient part of the city he owns a large stylish furnitured tattoo-studio, where the customers finds a professional tattoo atmosphere.

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